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Number of Categories: 5
accessories.png kACARS Free Files: 4

This folder holds the latest version of kACARS Free.  

VA Owners - If you plan on using this version of the application at your airline you will need to ensure that you install the module located inside of this folder.  If you have mismatched application and module you will experience problems. 

Pilots - Be sure to check with the VA you are flying for to ensure that you are downloading the correct version.  There is no need for a pilot to download the module.  Only the application is needed.

Hosting - If you wish to host this files all that I ask is that you put a link back to my site.

dictionary.png kACARS Free Languages Files: 10
folder_grey.png kACARS Free Archive Files: 9

This folder holds all older kACARS Free versions.  Be sure that if you use an older version you also use the correct module.  A modules version number must never be greater than the application to be used.  

folder.png phpVMS Modules Files: 4

This folder contains FREE modules for use by any VA.  These modules are designed for use with phpVMS.  There may also be FREE application in this folder.

folder.png kACARSII Files: 2

All kACARSII programs and files will be found in this folder.