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Home of kACARS PIREP Reporting System

The FSP News module is a complete news management system.  The following are included in this module.

  1. Rating System - When activated the users can rate the main news article.  Rating is from 1-5 stars.  Administrators can view the current rating and also control if this option is available.
  2. Comments - Each article has the ability to be commented on.  These comments can be auto-approved or it can be setup to require an administrator to approve the comment prior to it being seen on the main page.  The commenting ability is tied to each article.  So article #1 can be commented on while article #2 is locked to comments.  There is a setting to have the comment form shown in a jQueryUI window. 
  3. Report - If activated, comments can be reported on.  This will give the administrator a safety check by the other users.  If a user feels that the comment is not appropriate the user can file a report on the comment.  The administrator will be notified when navigating to the admin page that there are reports to be resolved.
  4. Settings - There is a very deep settings control page that is part of this module.  An attempt was made to add enough settings so that editing the module would not be necessary.   
  5. HTML - All news articles can be written in HTML.  There is also setting to remove the HTML tags when viewing.  The tags remain but are striped off of the article before displaying on the frontend.  These HTML tags remain with the article in the DB so this can be changed whenever and nothing is lost.  The same holds true for comments.  HTML can be added to a comment and displayed or not depending upon a setting.
  6. Help - There are help screens available in the admin section that you can reference when you are in need of help about any of the functionality of the FSP News module.
  7. jQueryUI themes - The Modal form can be styled using a theme roller using the jQueryUI themeroller.  http://jqueryui.com/themeroller/

This module system uses a completely new set of DB tables.  So old news article would have to be moved from the old DB to the new one.  Or your news cycle can just begin again with this new module.


Frontpage Demo - HERE 

Cost - $50.00 USD


Admin - Comment report view
Admin - FSP News Settings (Page 2)
Admin - FSP News Settings (Page 1)
Admin - Comments view
Admin - Side bar
Admin - News article grid view
Comment Modal window
Article Page - Comments and ratings activated
Front Page view with ratings activated