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Home of kACARS PIREP Reporting System


kACARS is the new benchmark in virtual ACARS systems.  It has been under development for over three years now.  There are currently over 200 VA's using customized version of kACARS.  From the most simple of changes to some very complex ones.  Each VA is free to request anything they wish to include.  If there is a way to develop the option FS-Products will find a way.  If not then the VA is informed of the limitations and work-arounds are discussed.  In the end the VA is always happy with the finished product.  

All customized versions have the ability to have some standard options either turn on or off.  These standard options can be purchased and added on at any time.  Even these standard options are open to customization.  A few of these options have actually come from a Virtual Airlines request.  If we find that the option may be useful to more VA's then the option becomes a standard option.  

All kACARS customized versions are designed for an English reading audience.  But there is the option of translating into a different language.  This translation is an additional fee and the VA is required to provide the actual translation.  

The standard package is $40.00 USD.  This standard package includes everything available in the free version plus the following.

  1. More flight logging data
  2. Pilot to Pilot chat (MySQL based - No extra charges and not dependent upon FS-Products)
  3. Online Pilots listing
  4. Web browser

To reduce the initial investment the chat/online pilot can be removed for a savings of $5.00 USD and then web browser can also be removed for a savings of $2.00 USD.  These can be activated again at any time.  Or they can be turned off at any time.

If you have an idea of an option of something you would like kACARS to do, please let us know and we will give you a detailed description of what can be done and how much it will cost.

Customizing is very real with kACARS.  If you want a different feel (look) let us know.  If you want additions features (sounds, callouts, alternate airport, scoring, etc.....) let us know.  Do not hesitate to request something.  If it can be done we will work it out together.  Many VAs get the standards and many customize quite a bit.

Thank you for reading and be sure to have a look around.