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Demo Available

Here is a small list of improvements incorporated in kACARSII

  • Support for FS9, FSX, P3D & X-Plane
  • Site Controlled Settings - For phpVMS users the kACARSII system comes with an administration side that allows many aspects of how kACARSII works and reports to be modified by the VA.  This includes free options and also premium options.  
  • Completely new code- The hidden code of kACARS has been gone over line by line to ensure efficiency and remove hang times.  The new code is designed to be easily adjusted and altered for those custom options that VAs want.
  • 3 standard templates - all templates still include the ability have color changes and logo/icon changes.
    • Original - The original kACARS template/skin.  But it has been adjusted to ease use by the end user.  All options are available with this template.
    • Cambre - A more modern look some premium options included. (Example: includes schedule, progress bar, flight map, etc…)
    • Spotlight - A lightweight template includes some premium options and excludes some options. (Example: The chat system can not be used with this template)
  • Language Support - kACARSII language can now be changed by the VA.  Once completed a language application can be used to change all of the wording.  It can be used to translate to a different language, or used to just change the logs.
  • Flight logs - Even more information is tracked and logged during a flight.
  • Old Premium Options - A lot of these have been changed and extended.  Example: the Schedules Option now includes the ability to search not just using the departure airport but also the arrival and the aircraft.
  • Custom Template Friendly - The code is written to make it even easier to add a custom template or skin.  This will reduce the cost of getting a custom look for the VA.
  • One Instance - kACARSII will only allow one instance to be run.  This should include instances from multiple VAs.  So a user can not connect to two VAs and "double dip"
  • Saved Pirep - If the VA site is not online at the time of flying an encrypted pirep file will be created for later submission.  The user will not be able to adjust any of the data but can file the pirep when the VA site is back online.

New Premium Options

  • Sound System - A new sound control will allow the pilot to add sounds for many items.  From CoPilots sounds to flight attendant.  The code for this has been written in such a way that sounds can easily added.
  • Scoring System - A new scoring system will allow the VA to determine what should be tracked for scores and what should not.  The settings are all in the administration side of phpVMS.  
  • New Premium Logging - Turbulence changes, Runway condition, etc…..
  • Runway and Gate Logging