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Home of kACARS PIREP Reporting System

All of these options are now available with every new kACARSII system (v1.01).  All options are available with all templates.  Each logging options can be toggled with a completely new log settings system in phpVMS. (Site file update required) These options are strictly logging options.  This means that the option will add new data to the flight log during a flight.  If you have any questions regarding these options or would like a custom option please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Log all aircraft flap changes.  If the aircraft is airbourne the flap logging will also include aircraft speed data.  This data can be used to determine if the user was following proper flap procedure.



This will log all spoiler changes.  If the aircraft is airbourne the spolier logging will also include aircraft speed data.  This data can be used to determine if the user was following proper spolier procedure. Unfortunately at this time the PMDG aircraft may use the spoilers during normal turns and the flight log can get spammed with spoiler data.  A solution is being worked on but the end result may be to ignore all spoiler data if the aircraft title has PMDG in it.  


Aircraft Light Status

Log all aircraft light changes.  When logging the landing light status and the aircraft is airborne aircraft altitude data is also logged.  Some free/paid addon aircraft may not register some of the lighting changes correctly.  This is because of the  way these aircraft handle the lights externally of FS. 


GPS / NAV Switch

Log changes to the GPS/NAV selector switch.  Initial state of the switch is also logged.  This can be useful to track how a user is using the auto pilot of the aircraft.


Log Weather (Takeoff & Landing)

This will log the current simulated weather on takeoff and landing.  The data includes wind speed, wind direction, temperatures, percepitation, etc.....


Log Engines (Start & Shutdown)

Each engines start and shutdown will be logged to the flight log.



Log all frequency changes from the COM radions (both COM1 and COM2) and the transponder. 



Log all frequency changes from the NAV radios (both NAV1 and NAV2).



Log all frequency changes from the ADF radios (both ADF1 and ADF2). 



Log any turbulence changes that are encountered during the flight.  The range of turbulence (NONE, LIGHT, MODERATE, HEAVY, SEVERE)


Runway Condition

This will log the takeoff and landing runway condition.  The condition would be the surface and condition. Surface: what is the runway made of grass, dirt, concrete, etc...  Condition: Wet, Icy, etc....


Closest Airport 

Log the closest FS airport during takeoff and landing.  This data is retrieved from the VA airport database.


Runway and Gate

Log the departing/arriving gate and departing/arriving runway.  This data is taken from two csv files that are created by a separate program.  Instructions for updating the data are provided with the application.