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Home of kACARS PIREP Reporting System

All settings are transmitted to the kACARSII client when logging in.  Currently logged in clients wil not get the new settings until logging in for a new session.



This is the version of KACARSII that is requested by the VA to be run by all users.  If the user logs in with a different version, the user will receive a message (See Below)


Version Allow

This allows the VA to control if a user can login with a different version of kACARSII.  If this is set to OFF then a user attempting to login with a different version will not be able to login to the VA until the user updates their version of kACARSII.


Version Message

This is the message that will be displayed to the user when attempting to login with a different version of kACARSII.


Use A/C Imagelink

If this is set to ON then kACARSII will use the "imagelink" field of the aircraft table for the image to be displayed inside of kACARSII.  If set to OFF then kACARSII will look for an aircraft image on the VA site in the images/aircraft folder.  The image should be named ICAO.jpg.  


FS Time

Flight Log times will be logged as the users FS time if this is set to ON.  If set to OFF then the flight log times will be the users system time.


UTC Time

Flight log times will be UTC.  If the FS time is ON and theis is ON then the flight log time will be FS utc time.  The same applies to user local system time.


Log Accel Time

If this is ON, kACARSII will use accelerated time as real time.  This means that if the user sets the acceleration as 4X, each second will count for 4 seconds of flight time.


Allow Charter

Allow all users to fly charter flights.  If allowed kACARSII will display the areas necessary for a charter flight to be constructed and flown.  If OFF kACARSII will hide these areas and stop charter flights from being flown.


Allow Aircraft Selection

Allow all users to change the scheduled aircraft to another aircraft in the VA fleet.


Multiple Landings

Allow users to log multiple landings.  All landings will be logged but the last landing will be recorded as the PIREP landing.


Use Chat

Allow users to use the chat function


Show Online Pilot List

Allow users to view the logged in pilot list


Web Browser Switch

Control if the web browser tab is visible or not.


Web Browser URL

If the web browser switch is ON this url will be used as the url for the browser inside of kACARSII


Condensed Flight Log

Condense flight logs to reduce total number of flight log lines.


VA Uses Muliple Airlines

If this VA uses more than a single airline this should be set to ON.


Retired User Message

This is a message that is sent to a retired user that attempts to log in using kACARSII.


Suppress Currency Symbol

Stop the currency symbol from being sent to kACARSII.  Some currency symbols cause issue when transmitted.


Limit Airports

This will limit the number of airports sent to kACARSII to only those airports that have a matching schedule.


Load Factor

Percentage of load to set as a basline for the random load generated.


Load Variation

Percentage variation used with Load_Factor to create a random load


Live Update Interval

Number of seconds for kACARSII to send a live update. Minimum is 15 seconds.


Fuel Display Control

If ON then all flight log fuel displays will be controlled by the VA.  If OFF the user can select how the flight log and displays are formatted. (lbs or kgs)


Fuel Display - KGS

Set the fuel display to kilograms.  If OFF then the display will be pounds.


Aircraft / Airline / Airport File

These three settings are used to control how the aircraft/airline/airport data is sent to kACARSII.  If any of these is set to ON, kACARSII will download the data and create a local file of this data.  The next time kACARSII needs this data it will pull the data from the file rather than getting it from the site.  These should only be set if these tables rarely change.  If there is a change the user will need to reset the data manually (delete the local file and restart kACARSII)


Stop Acceleration

Control if the user is allowed to use acceleration.  kACARSII will attempt to stop FS from accelerating.  It will reset the sim rate to 1X if it monitors FS at a sim rate above 1x.


Crash / Crash Aircraft Detection

Two settings that control if a flight is allowed to start based on the crash detection settings.  These are ignored with X-Plane


Unlimited Fuel

Control if a flight is allowed to start if the FS setting of unlimited fuel is set.


Stop Refuel

kACARSII will monitor the fuel levels.  If fuel is added while recording kACARSII will atttempt to reset the fuel level to the previous level.


Stop Pause

kACARSII will unpause FS if a pause situation is monitored.


Flight Time Parking Brake

If ON kACARSII will start the counting of the flight time when the parking brake is deactivated.


Flight Number Search

Allow users tosearch by flight number.  If OFF a user is required to have a bid on a schedule to fly a schedule.


Flight Level controlled by schedule

Control the flight level that a user is to fly.  If this is set to ON then the flight level inside of kACARSII will be set by the schedule.  The user will not be allowed to change this flight level.


Flight Level default altitude

This is the default altitude for all schedules.  This is only used when a schedule has a 0 flight level. 



Upgrade Settings


Site Message

This settings goes along with the Site Message Functional Upgrade Option.  This is the message that is sent to all kACARSII clients when logging in and also every 10 minutes.


Screenshot Settings

The next settings all are related to the screenshot generator.  The FTP data is needed by the client to upload the screenshot to the VA site.  Multiple Screen shot setting is set to ON will have kACARSII created multiple screenshot files with a timestamp addition on the name.  These will be uploaded to the site.  If OFF each user will have one file that is overwritten each upload.


Position Check Ignore

Allow users to ignore the position check function and start/stop the flight from were the aircraft is.  The distance to the airport is still logged.  This is for the departing and arriving airports.


Divert using airport list

Allow users to only divert to an airport that is in the VA database.  If set to OFF the user can enter any airport ICAo as the dirveting airport.


AFK Minimum Altitude

This is the altitude that starts the AFK checks.  If the aircraft is below this altitude the AFK will not activate.  This altitude is in feet.


AFK Switch

Toggle the AFK function.  If ON then the AFK function will be active.  If OFF then the AFK function will be deactivated.


AFK User

If ON a new menu item will appear for the AFK user list.  Any user on this list will be required to comply with the AFK function.


Landing light altitude trigger

This is the altitude that the landing light trigger is set (in feet).  This is used with the Aircraft Data Page.